Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NYC Moments

These are some photographs from this past weekend, my fall break.  I took the bus from Ithaca down to Greenwich, Connecticut to visit my Grandma.  As I walked through the house, my Grandma seemed intent on taking me to the living room for some reason.  And as I walked through the living room doors, there they were, my two sisters sitting with their faces behind large newspapers.  They revealed themselves and repeated words from our favorite movie, The Parent Trap, "did you know that the concord can get you here in half the time?" It was a perfect moment.  Back at it with me two favorite people in the world.  Our Grandmas house is the best place ever.  We get to stay in the studio, the one my Grandfather used to work on his art.  The crisp Connecticut air is so soothing, and taking walks to the boat docks is such a nice change of pace.  
Of course, when we had the chance we had to go to New York City.  My favorite place in the world.  We took the train straight into Union Station.  From there, we spent some time at the World Trade Center Museum and saw the Reflecting Pools.  It was all extremely moving and breathtaking all at once.  We got some quick lunch near the Washington Square Park farmers market and made our way over to Chelsea, once of the best parts of the city. Chelsea Market is crowded and full of amazing organic food shops and vintage clothing markets and old school charm.  Right outside the market is an entrance to the Highline, an above ground garden walkway over the city.  It's quite perfect, and quaint, an SO New York all at once.  I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone other than my beautiful sisters and mom.  Here are some pictures from Connecticut and the city over the weekend. Enjoy :)

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