Sunday, October 11, 2015

Doof Of The Week: Ellie Nash

So here's our first Doof Of The Week!! Meet our cousin Ellie Nash and learn a little bit more about her and how amazing she is :)))

What are you listening to/reading/watching right now?
Hi! Sorry about the lateness on this, I've just been busy with school
and volleyball and probation and everything like that.
Okay so:
I'm a super pretentious cinephile, I'm currently working through a
list I've compiled of some of the best movies editorially, with
Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, and Quentin Tarantino frequenting
it. But I'm also a completely clichèd white girl. I love Pretty Little
Liars, I know there's no depth to it, the acting's not great, and the
production value's pretty low, but I'm four seasons in. I would
literally give up my two fingers off of my right hand and my
bellybutton (I've put a lot of thought into the value of this) to find
out who A is. I haven't been great on reading lately, I really do love
it, but I don't have the persistence to follow through most of the
time. I say I'm reading The Great Gatsby, but I honestly have been for
the past two months and I'm really not getting anywhere. I do listen
to a few podcasts, a bunch of NPR ones, like Snap Judgement, Planet
Money, and Freakonomics. I also just realized you weren't asking about
podcasts, because who else honestly listens to podcasts? Music-wise, I
mostly listen to older music, with a bit of newer alternative mixed
in; I love Pink Floyd, Rilo Kiley's amazing, I enjoy the Kinks, the
Zombies are up there, Lou Reed during and after Velvet Underground's
fantastic, and I like They Might Be Giants too.

Why do you think we chose you for doof of the week?
Out of curiosity, I googled the definition of the word "doof", and,
apparently, it's an outdoor dance party in Australia. I can't dance
and have been to very few parties, but I can relate to that on a
spiritual level.

Online fixation?
For the most part, most of my online interaction is through Youtube or
Instagram. I am subscribed to SO many Youtube channels at this point.
Just a ton of vloggers, and movie channels, and (you may not be able
to tell it by my normal attire of jeans and a t-shirt) beauty
channels, and all 20 Buzzfeed channels, and a bunch of feminist
accounts and everything. On Instagram though, I habitually follow the
#feminist and the #conservative tags, if you're ever bored, I promise
you that the latter tag will entertain you to no end, until you
realize that people actually believe those things, then it may depress

Latest discovery?
There's a store on the outskirts of Kirkwood, Rung, with a ton of
excess women's department store clothing for really cheap and it's

I've really become pretty lax on my contributing back to the creative
community, mostly just binging all of the things that everyone else
makes. I do still write a lot, but it's mostly therapeutic and fueled
by my personal experiences.

How do you describe yourself?
Throughout 6th grade, I had a title that I wrote on all of my papers,
I may be paraphrasing a bit here, but it was something along the lines
of "Bringer of Hope, Savior of Humanity, Tree Rights Activist, Test
Tube Baby Gone Wrong, and Bearer of Inconsistent Titles".

Secret skill?
Do you know the lipstick trick from The Breakfast Club? Where she does
her lipstick by holding it between her boobs? Well I can't do that
since I don't have boobs yet, but I'm working on it.

Sartorial signature?
For the most part, my wardrobe is pretty drab, though I've always been
able to express myself through my socks. Despite being the only person
who actually sees them since I wear jeans, I don't actually own any
normal socks. All of my socks are long and bright and colorful with
some level of design or branding. Even the PJs I'm wearing currently
include orange fuzzy socks (that essentially look like I'm wearing the
Lorax on my feet).

What do you stand for?
In this order, equality, freedom, the superiority of the fourth Harry
Potter, tolerance, empathy, and Netflix making Arrested Development
season 5.

What's your take on Feminism?
Feminism is described on so many levels at this point, to me though,
it's mostly an idea as much as a movement. I am definitely a hardcore
feminist. No matter what people say, sexism is widely prevalent in
today's society. One of the most obvious examples of this is the wage
gap. On average, women do make 79% of what a man makes, this has been
proven, and while it may not be from direct discrimination (about 7 or
8 cents per dollar is), it exists. While this bothers me, it isn't as
much of a deep concern to me, it is something that can be fought,
simply by encouraging girls more, by attempting to remove as much of
the systematic oppression and prejudices that force women into lower
paying jobs, there is a path to overcoming this. What terrifies me is
the fact that people deny the existence wage gap, that people actually
do consciously view women as inferior, which is absolutely wrong. I
may be writing this at one in the morning and may not be in my most
articulate state, but I will forever support feminism, and it's
something that is widely misconstrued. All around the world, including
first world countries, women are oppressed, and it needs to be fought.

Quote that you live by?
 "I don’t like Chinese food, but I don’t write articles trying to
prove it doesn’t exist." -Tina Fey

Anything else you want to talk about or add?
It doesn't matter to me if you want to include this for your readers
or not, but my whole life has become pretty convoluted by this point,
so I'm really not sure how much you, Maggie, and Molly know. For
nearly a year-and-a-half now, I've identified as transgender and go by
Ellie, and I definitely want you three to know since I do love you
guys and feel really comfortable around you, plus it would probably
help add context to a few of my answers.
I'm honestly honored to be Doof of the Week, I've actually added it to
the resumè I'm making in English class, so thanks!
Love ya'
ur cuz, Ellie Nash, Bringer of Hope and Savior of Humanity, yada yada
yada yaba daba doo. Amen. Bet you love reading my one a.m. writing.

Thanks Ellie for answering our questions and being the coolest cousin ever! <333 Look out for our next Doof Of The Week, an equally cool person.. coming next week :)

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