Sunday, October 18, 2015

Doof Of The Week: Kelly Komotos

Meet our second Doof Of The Week: Kelly Komotos, one of the coolest, kindest, most unique people we know, and one of our best friends as well.  

What are you listening to/reading/watching right now
My favorite songs on repeat are: 
- Tell it how it is:by The Growlers 
- Crunch time:by Chris Travis 
- Chili town:by Hinds 
- Trying:by Bully 
- Mama:by Shannon and the Clams 
- Cowabunga Babes:beach babe 
- No Reward:by Teenage Burritos 
-I actually just started reading Just Kids by Patti Smith <3 

-Gilmore girls- I just finish the complete 7 seasons last week :( 
-Coraline- favorite for this month 
-Nightmare before Christmas- lol enough said
-Mystic pizza- gives me good feels :o) 

What something you are obsessed with?
-My undying love for etsy, there is so much on that site. Vintage, handmade, any and everything! 

Who are your muses?
-Winona Ryder:ever since Girl Interrupted, Heathers, Beetlejuice, etc. she has been my crush and inspiration forever love her!! 
-A list of others
Alice Walker 
Demi Lovato 
David Bowie 
Clem Creevy 
Ummmmm I have to many to write out lol

Secret Skill?
-Ummmm... Getting ready really fast I usually wake up at 7:10 and get ready to go within 10-15 minutes #speedy 

Sartorial Signature?
- I wear the same clothes like everyday, but I would say black jeans. Or layers I alway have to have a jacket or sweater 

What's one of your most valuable possessions? 
-This is hard... I have like three is that ok? 
- Well my ring my grandma, it's actually an heirloom and it's really special 
- my bunny (b.b.) I've had since forever and it just gives me warm good feelings! 
-and my headphones, bc you can't catch me without them. 

What does being a doof mean to you? 
- To be a doof wow ok umm...out of the ordinary, like you understand that you are kooky and different and knowing thats a good thing!

What do you stand for?
-I stand up for people, and myself because, some people don't feel strong enough to stand by themselves, and self advocating is key!

What's your take on feminism? 
- I think Feminism is an individual thing. I believe many people view it differently. A comment someone said at Feminist coalition "there not a check list to be a feminist." For me it's doing something to support others (activism),equality, independence, freedom of your own actions(ex: planned parenthood), and discussion (ex:like keep up with your knowledge of feminism and expanding your views). Feminism isn't dead and I am proud to call myself one!

How do you describe yourself? 
I am gunna do a list 
-Mature: unless I feel like I can be relaxed and goofy.
-An Old Maid: I rarely get asked to go hang out/anywhere, unless it's my Mom or Mags lol #loser
-Introvert: to relax or cool down from everything I like to be alone. 
-Adventurous: I am so excited for what's to Come in my life, I can't wait for college!!
-Strong: throughout my life I have had ups and down and recently I have really felt strong to have made it here. 
-Caring: I really hate letting someone down or hurting someone and I strive to be as kind to others as I can 
P.S. If u need it I love u <3 

Talk about something you think is important? 
- I think it's important to be as respectful to others as possible. You never what someone is going though, or how they will react to a negative comment. So I encourage myself and others to be aware of their surroundings.  

Anything else you'd like to talk about or add?
- you go though life picking up interests and knowledge, but don't keep it to yourself share it with others around you. 
-be kind ;o) 

Thanks for answering so well Kelly :)) Look for our next DOTW next Monday! 

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