Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lets Play Dress Up

Here, we give you our eight picks for female personas we want to try out this halloween.  These are the girls that inspire us cinematically with their quirky/cool styles, their exuding confidence, and their unforgettable looks. Take a look, and try one or more of these out this weekend! 

Margot Tenenbaum 

First, we give you Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. She is the daughter of the insensitive Royal Tenenbaum, who irrelevantly always points out that she is adopted. She mopes throughout the film, secretly smoking in her bathroom, unbeknownst to anyone in her family, all the while killing it in the notably iconic fur coat she always wears. Her hair pinned to the side at all times, and a frown plastered to her face, she makes sad look good.  

Cher Herowitz

No one forgets Cher. Even though this outfit may have become a little overdone around this time of year, any look from Clueless is nevertheless iconic, and a necessary addition to our top eight list. Her outfits are slightly over the top, preppy, and fashion oh-so foreword. She exudes confidence and boasts such a hopeful, romantic-at-heart kind of aura. Plus, all you need to do is find some plaid at your local thrift store, and you've got an outfit. Just don't forget the matching headband and skirt. 

Holly Golightly

A country girl turned New York socialite, Holly Golightly has become one of THE most iconic of female characters, in her role in Breakfast at Tiffany's. She is a curious character, her cat is named Cat, her couch is made from a bathtub, and she is more than a little bit scatterbrained...we might even call her a doofykook! But her style, ohh her style...She is chic and elegant times ten. Even when awoken early in the morning, she appears in a gold and teal mask that shows she's even pretty when she sleeps. Always overdone, never without lipstick, Holly's style is one for the books.  

Andie Walsh

Andie Walsh is a working class high schooler, with a major crush on the preppy Blane McDonough. It's a classic high school story, seen in Pretty in Pink. She's on the wrong side of the tracks, and he's a rich playboy, plus Andie's best friend, "Duckie" is in lover with her, but plays it off as a joke. She is sooo cool though. She works at a new wave music store, and she wears pink like never before. Andie makes her working-class wardrobe work! Pink lipstick, matching separates, and a hopeful spirit, and you've become Andie Walsh. 

Penny Lane

She's NOT a groupie, she's a bandaid. A lover of music. The star of Almost Famous, Penny Lane is fantastic, she's the woman to be...going on tour with a killer rock band, meeting new people, living on the road...nothing could be better! Even though she's got her issues, especially concerning love, she can sure whip out an amazing outfit and make it look as carefree and effortless as possible. The fur coat is everything, and the big, boho-esque hair pulls it all together. I wanna be Penny Lane everyday, she's a total IT girl.  

Suzy Bishop 

Not to pick favorites...but Suzy is the best of the best. The protagonist in Moonrise Kingdom, she's a lonely, imaginative, smart girl who's fallen in love with an equally lonely boy scout. A lover of adventure books, she wants to adventure herself, not get stuck in one place. Her natural look is stunning, with a touch of bright blue shadow on her lids, adding to her moody look.  Even on the runaway, she is put together.  Knee-high socks, cutesy little dresses, and of course, the real-live beetle earrings her boy made for her, she is the epitome of cool.  

Wanda Woodward 

Although her character wasn't as big a role as some of our other picks, Wanda Woodward from Cry Baby definitely makes you stop and stare. She's a badass chick in in gang of drapes, and her look says it all.  Her deep, angry gaze behind cat-eye liner and a bold red lip are daring, and nothing is more biker-chic than a leather jacket. If looks could kill... 

Wednesday Addams 

And last but certainly not least, we have Wednesday Addams, from, of course, The Addams Family. Always in black, never more than a smirk on her face.  She raises spiders, is fascinated with death, and plays with headless dolls, but for some reason she is just too cool. She says, "I'll stop wearing black when they invent another color," and let's just say, she makes grim look very good. 

So there's our top female character looks to try for Halloween this year...hope we inspired some costume ideas! <333 


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