Thursday, October 29, 2015


Webster Groves High School is home to many clubs and organizations, one being The Feminist Coalition, a group that meets to understand, promote, and celebrate equality of not only the sexes, but of race, sexual orientation, and all other types. It's the first club of its kind at the high school, and so far they have accumulated a large group of members, and have already participated in some important and diverse events. It's so great to know that high schoolers now have the opportunity to be in such a club, and that the awareness on topics like feminism are becoming more widespread and understood through clubs like these. 
So today, the club is participating in the hashtag #knowyourbeauty in an effort to promote confidence, self-awareness, and acceptance through social media. The idea is that through individuals posting pictures of themselves using the hashtag, the idea will spread from Webster Groves, to different schools, and states, and people. It's a fantastic idea. So here are some pictures of us, Doofykooks knowing and OWNING our beauty, and you all should do the same! We've also included some other inspirational photos to go along with the idea. So KNOW your beauty, and help others to know it too. Acceptance of others starts with acceptance of ourselves.

These next images were taken from Rookie Mag and made by the talented Kendra Yee, and called 'In My Own Skin'. Here's how she describes the series:

For this series, I drew little takes on self-portraits interacting with my skin’s “flaws”: freckles, bumps, hair, etc. Details that some may see as “unattractive.”

There are an amazing example of knowing your beauty.  Even the parts of ourselves that we aren's so fond of, we have to learn to accept and eventually, see them as a part of our beauty, like Kendra does so beautifully in this series. Check out the rest on Rookie Mag:) 

These next images were also taken from Rookie Mag and made by Shriya Samavai. Here's what she says about her series (there are eight other images in the series):

"I find myself regularly photographing my shadow because it is a projection of myself that exists in a way my body can’t. My shadow can encompass concrete, blades of grass, sand on the beach, or a fir tree. It allows me to sink into my surroundings and extend myself in a new way. As long as there is a light source, my shadow, my twin, is there. It’s comforting when I’m walking somewhere alone. I feel like I have a friend with me."

This coincides well with the #knowyourbeauty campaign.  It shows a creative way that you can take hold of your beauty, and carry it with you wherever you go. It shows how your beauty is knowing that you're there for YOURSELF, and that you have to be comfortable in that fact, because you are your own best friend. 

So everyone should post a picture of themselves where they feel beautiful and tag it with #knowyourbeauty !!! It is a great cause and an important message. You are all BEAUTIFUL :))) Love, the Doofykooks.  

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