Thursday, October 22, 2015

Moll Doll

Today's a special day, fellow doofykooks...the original doof, kook, and everything in between is 15 today! Molly Nash,  Moll Doll, or Moll Dill as I like to call her is the birthday girl.  Maggie and I have ALWAYS been doofs at heart, but Molly was the one to put a name to it. She is the abbreviator, the name creator, and the doofcake of the family. Since I created this blog, Molly has been my partner in crime, helping to create content, new ideas, and most importantly, be my model and muse for all of our shoots. In so many ways, us three sisters are very similar, but of course we all bring something unique to the table. Molly's got the funk. She's smart and witty, goofy and hilarious, focused and driven, and a total draw-outside-the-lines kind of girl. I have a lot of icons and people that inspire me, but more than anything, I am inspired by my sisters every single day.  Molly is my muse, my obsession...although that sounds weird...and I can't believe she's 15!! So wish this special doofykook a very happy birthday today-she is the most deserving, the most special, and the most doofy <333

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