Friday, October 30, 2015

Let's Play Dress Up Part 2

So... yesterday we gave you our top female character picks for Halloween costumes this year.  And now, we give you our top male picks! These guys are inspiring, a little kooky, and obviously, their wardrobes are on FLEEK! So check it out and get inspired by these cool characters. 

Will Smith

Well, we had to start off with a favorite, and there's NO ONE quite like Will Smith. I mean, he's the grooviest, coolest, most hilarious character and real-life personality there is. And his style doesn't fall short either. Always decked out in lots of color, matched with a great facial expression, and a swagger that says "I'm too cool for you", he's one that we will never ever stop obsessing over. EVER. 

Danny Zuko

Danny Zuko. The ultimate babe and Grease star. He literally kills it in the simplest of ensembles. White tee, leather jacket, hair slicked back just perfectly. No wonder Sandy falls so hard. This is a great idea for a costume, especially if you are short on time, because it's so easy! Go all in and add a T-birds logo on your jacket, and you're set:)  

Paulie Bleeker

Paulie from Juno is SO cute, and quaint, and adorable, and wow, should we even go on?! Yes, his wardrobe choices aren't really one for the books, in fact, he dresses so normal that a costume of him wouldn't be a huge difference than what any other guy would wear...but hey, he can really pull of the McDonald's colors very well, and his oh so tiny running shorts are pretty sweet. So go simple and grab your sweatband and be Bleeker for the night! 

Sam Shukowsky

Sam is our favorite. Sam and Suzy are our favorite. Can we be more OBSESSED?! Sam is an adventurer, and the star of Moonrise Kingdom, who wants to see the world and never get stuck in one place. And what's better is his romantic nature, and love for the outdoors. Dig out your old boy scout gear and find a coon skin cap and your Sam. P.S. Don't forget a pipe and glasses. 

Gary and Wyatt

Weird Science boys, Gary and Wyatt are two of the doofiest characters we could find. Wearing bras on their heads really kind of explain it all. Just wear that and your set! The real question is, where can you find a computer that can create your dream woman?? These boys are the best. 

So there's our list of boys to be this Halloween! Hopefully we inspired some last-minute ideas:) Happy Halloween ya Doofs! 

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