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New York Fashion Week. There's nothing better... the street style, the craziness, the mind blowing fashion.., we just can't get over it!  Having attended fashion week twice already, I have a certain FOMO when I have to rely on for my fashion week fix, but it doesn't stop me from scrolling through every show and fan-girling over my favorite brands.  This year certainly didn't fall short.  Here's a small compilation of our tops shows for spring/summer 2016! 

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman is ALWAYS a favorite at fashion week.  She offers a completely different vibe than the ready-to-wear that other designers offer.  This season she took her inspiration directly from Willie Nelson, even imitating his iconic braids on the models.  She even more literally took inspiration from his song "Blue Skies" in her bold opening sky print.  Mara Hoffman is a carefree, easy-going, take-me-to-the-beach kind of brand.  I remember attending her show two years ago and being breath taken by the passion emulating from each piece and the way the outfits made me want to be a Mara Hoffman girl.  Definitely a favorite, definitely about to check out the sale at !!!     

Karen Walker 

I had always heard of Karen Walker but had never been interested in seeing the show until I saw Instagram posts of the show and I knew I needed to check it out.  I couldn't get over the mix of retro and classic, the kookiness and cleanness of it.  I am always a fan of crazy, avant-garde fashion, but it's so nice when you see a show and can actually picture yourself wearing the pieces.  It's safe to say, this top look is MY look.  


Where do I even start with this brand?! It's punk, it's DIY-ish, it's genius.  The pieces remind me of collages and Rookie Magazine.. The colors are bold and crazy in a good way.  Libertine knows how to push the envelope to the border, never going to far, but keeping us guessing. A highlight of this show was seeing the models taking selfies on the final runway walk. ;) You obviously should never take fashion too seriously. 

Opening Ceremony 

These looks emulate the style I wish I had.  The mod mix of casual, loose fitting tops, with over the top proportions and crazy sunnies.  There's something so intriguing about this brand, and this show in particular.  This is the kind of girl who is mysterious, who you don't know anything about, but you want to.  The girl who is confident in herself, and rocking her look to match that.  I looooove it and I want everything in this show.

So there's our favorite shows from New York Fashion Week!! There were so many other inspiring, intriguing, amazing shows out there but we picked the best of the best.  Now I'll be checking of the best of London, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks... it never gets old :)) 

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