Sunday, September 20, 2015


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Meet Jamie Kopacka.  Also known as Jko, and my best friend/Indian princess/model for the day.  Because downtown Ithaca in the Commons is stock full of artful murals, greenery, and interesting backdrops, we knew a photoshoot had to take place down here, checking out some of the lesser seen spots for our picture taking.  It's our tradition to have Sunday dinner downtown at our favorite Indian restaurant, Diamonds.  Sometimes we bring a group, inviting different people each time, and sometimes it's just us two, a little dinner date between best friends, and it's perfect.  There's nothing like little traditions to make these moments in life that much more special.  Jamie is such a free spirit, always full of laughter, and always dressing comfortably, effortlessly.. The perfect model for me to shoot.  Besides an unfortunate bee sting, this was the best end to a great day spent soaking up some of the last bits of warmth that Ithaca will see for a while.  Enjoy!     

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