Saturday, June 18, 2016

Doof Of The Week: Courtney Degroot

Meet our latest Doof of the Week: Courtney. She is an amazing woman, with killer style, and strong viewpoints, which both set her apart from the rest. She isn't afraid to be herself, something we think is so important, which is why she's our DOTW. Enjoy her answers, and get to know a little more about this amazing human!

Photos taken from Courtney's Instagram: @http.courtneydg
Creds; @jake.jms @vaughn @amyzoverby

What have you been listening to/watching / reading lately? 
I listen to different stuff all time and I’m always looking for new music. Most recently I’ve been listening to “The Ride” (Catfish and the Bottlemen’s newest release), Jon Bellion’s new album, The Human Condition, and the “Mellow Mood” playlist on Spotify. I love exploring new playlists on Spotify and that one is really hitting right now. As far as reading goes, I’ve been rereading a lot of the books I read in high school like The Glass Castle and Tuesdays With Morrie because I really skimmed through them to get assignments done in high school and it’s nice to actually read them on my own time. I don’t have a lot of time to watch anything honestly, but most recently I’ve been watching the old Disney movies that I recorded from their 100 movie marathon.
Sartorial signature? 
Can I count my tattoos for this? I have 8 tattoos, all of which have a very significant story to me. If you ever want to know something personal about me, just ask me about the one on my back (: (but I don’t really think that counts. I’m always wearing my class ring though!)
What does being a doof mean to you? 
Being a doof is being undeniably yourself, regardless of who’s watching. 
Secret skill? 
I’m really good at directions. The first time I go somewhere, if I’m paying attention to where I’m going, I know how to get home and probably two alternative routes. 
Who are your idols/what are your inspirations? 
I have a couple idols. The first is my brother, who from a young age taught me to love people regardless of anything but specifically sexual orientation and to be and love myself no matter what. The second is my sister, who taught me to be opinionated and to be a feminist. As far as inspirations go, almost everyone inspires me honestly. I bet I could find something, no matter how small, about everyone that I think is cool about them and I hope people can find a bit of inspiration in me as well. 
Quote or phrase you live by? 
“This too shall pass”
Also the tattoo on my back and that's from a twenty one pilots song. It's the second verse of Holding Onto You.
What’s your take on feminism? 
I don’t particularly have a take; it’s just my lifestyle. I live my life as a feminist and that’s all there is to it. 
Words of advice for millennial? 
People will ALWAYS misunderstand you. And that’s okay. 
Anything else you’d like to add?
I always love talking to new people and listening to their stories so if anyone ever feels the need, I would love to have a chat *awkward smile emoji*

Thank you so much Courtney for being our Doof of the Week! We admire your style, personality, and openness, and look forward to seeing more amazing things from you:)

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