Friday, July 8, 2016

July Playlist

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The July playlist is here, and full of artists and songs of all different genres. The latest and biggest obsession of ours is Bipolar Sunshine, who makes the most incredible and interesting songs, which is why we included two on this playlist! Once again, we had to add a Drake song, because we still can't get over his new album. For some more old-timey summer fun, we have some tunes by Shannon and the Clams, which will make you want to frolic on a beach somewhere. We also have some Dirty Dancing music in here by Mickey and Sylvia, which, well... make us want to dance. Some cool artists we have been into as well include Lucius, Kaminsky, Tame Impala, and Wild Child. If you're more into rap, we've included James Blake, Chance the Rapper, and Young Thug. And there are more for every occasion or mood or taste. We hope you enjoy, and take these tunes with you this July! 
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