Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bird Sanctuary

For my birthday this year, all I wanted was a new camera. Mostly with this blog in mind, I wanted something that could help me create content with much higher quality than ever before. I couldn't be happier with my new Canon Rebel. It's exactly what we needed for the blog, and it's a great investment.

With work and work outs and everything in between, finding time to hang out with family, friends, or my boyfriend becomes confusing. But on this particularily beautiful day we had just enough time before work in the morning to grab coffee, tea, and a croissant at the local Garden Cafe. Then we went to a small park called the Bird Sanctuary, which stands in the middle of our suburban streets. We didn't plan on making a photo shoot out of it, but with the lighting hitting us perfectly, and my new camera in tow, i lt just sort of happened. 

As we get older, finding time for little moments seems harder and harder. With increasing amounts of responcibility, we can get flustered. In times like these, it's almost necessary to take some time, even an hour for some coffee and a walk, just for our own enjoyment. Plus, you may, by accident, take some incredible photos along the way! 

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