Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Art & Air 2016

ART & AIR. One of our favorite events in Webster Groves every year. Our mom is a chairperson of Camp Creativity, so each year we get an up close perspective of how the entire event is run, and how COOL it is! The tents are filled with tons of incredibly talented artists, and its so fun to walk around im aining the different pieces in your future home or dream room. The atmosphere is so lively with different bands playing in the background and the chatter and laughter of the entire town all around. Food trucks fill the air with sweetness and saltiness that makes your mouth water. But the tents set up for the kids are the most popular. There are instruments to be played, pottery to be created, murals to contribute to, flowers to be arranged, and many more crafts and activities to participate in. Watching so many young kids run around and put their creative skills to use it amazing. Check out the mural and paint by number piece our mom put together. They both turned out so well! We love being in a town that has events like these...where creative minds and lively souls meet for a picture perfect weekend art fair. 

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