Monday, November 2, 2015

Doof Of The Week: Rosie Ryan

Here's our fourth Doof Of The Week, Rosie Ryan. Get to know a little more about this amazing human and doofykook. :) 

What are you listening to/reading/watching right now?
as always im sooper into descendents and misfits and i don't read that much :\\
How would you describe yourself?
different/outgoing/intimidating occasionally

What does being a doofykook mean to you?

being a doofykook means expressing yourself when you want how you want and being confident when you do it

Sartorial signature?
jean jacket
Secret skill? 
fire building <-- boyscout orrrr
Latest discovery?
anime. im a mega weeb
Who are your icons/what inspires you?
hownstly probably my sister irene
What's your take on feminism?
im a feminist killjoy and i will fight for our rights till im dead
Quote/phrase you live by? 
life's too short to have boring hair
Words of advice for people your age? 
don't be a jerk. don't tear people down. don't think you're better than other people. and DON'T be intolerant to who people are. 
Talk about something you think is important?
big shocker here but equality among gender race sexuality etc. is superdy dooper important to me and it ticks me off to no end when people are rude about it and oppressive and don't care about others. ive done a lot with planned parenthood and other organizations to try to balance out the equality of human beings and I hope some day we can all just live in perfect harmony.  
Anything else you'd like to talk about or add?
dogs will change your life :) 


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