Monday, November 16, 2015

Doof Of The Week: Bridgette Muller

This week is very exciting, because one of our favorite bloggers is our Doof Of The Week! Bridgette Muller, of the blog Hummusbird is a total one-of-a-kind girl. We have followed her since her days as a blogger for Free People, which she still contributes to, as well as through her personal life shown on her blog, and even on her snap chat, where she creates the most hilarious stories. She's a rare kind of person who ceases every day, and even when it's going awry, she comes at it with a smile and a funny snap story. The work she does is always inspiring, and the words she writes are always beautiful. Bridgette is so talented and a doof inside and out! Get to know her a little here on the blog, and check out more of her work on her blog, and her Instagram @hummusbirrrrrrrd

What are you listening to/watching/reading right now?

Listening to FKA twigs & Dej Loaf / Watching fall slowly turn to winter outside / Reading my own feelings as I write them across a page in my notebook.

How would you describe yourself?

Just a weird little nature spirit learning how to be herself more and more each day. 

What are you most passionate about?

Positivity. I want to help make this world a place where everyone is overflowing with all things good. Where everything is funny; everything is beautiful; everything is perfectly imperfect. 

Sartorial signature?

High waists + crop tops, and earth-toned everything.

Secret skill? 

I've been told I make some bangin' scrambled eggs.

Latest discovery?

Mixing a natural creamy concealer with a few drops of natural face serum makes for a pretty awesome foundation.

What's your take on feminism?

I think men are beautiful and so are women. Women are hysterical and so are men. Men are intelligent and so are women. Women are insane and so are men. We're all everything, and we should embrace ourselves and one another for being just that.

Who are your idols/what are you inspired by?

On a celebrity level, I really really love what Jhene Aiko is doing -- using her incredible talent and beauty to gently push the general population towards spiritual enlightenment. So, so into that. I'm inspired by the people in my life who are all doing them; just trusting their own feelings to guide them to whatever is seeking them in this life. I'm all about those who are comfortable and secure being unique -- even (especially) if that means being a ~weirdo~.

What does being a doof mean to you? 

It's all about taking life lightly -- being silly, being unique, letting go of inhibitions and just being.

Words of advice for millenials?

Be YOU x 10000000000000000000000. Do what you like to do, and do it in your own way. Be excited about the path you're on… and be kind to everyone along the way -- they're all just finding their way, too.

Quote/phrase you live by? 

"You're as happy as you want to be." - My momma.

Why did you start your blog and where do you see it going? 

I started my blog because I wanted an outlet for sharing little pieces of life and happiness with the world. There have been times where I was very gung-ho about posting multiple times a week, but now I just let everything happen naturally. If I go two months without a post, I'm more than okay with that. I know that my little online space is there for me when the mood strikes -- although I imagine that blogging as we know it won't be around forever. Everything evolves, and I'm into that. I'm excited to find out what's next… I have a feeling that it'll be less digital than we may expect. ;)

Thanks for featuring me!!

Thanks Bridgette for answering our questions, keep bein you, and stay DOOFY! More on the blog to come... :) 

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