Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Doof Of The Week: Gianna Metzger

Meet our Doof Of The Week, the fabulous Gianna Metzger!! She's cooler than cool.. check out what she has to say <3

What are you listening to/reading/watching right now? 

Hmm, College by Animal Collective off the Sung Tongs album has to be my most listened to jam of all time. It's a comforting song with its only lyrics expressing, "You don't have to go to college." I can't explain why, but it's an incredible stress reliever. Let's see, I just finished the book Bad Feminism by Roxanne Gay, it was super informative! And the TV show Skins has been my #1 obsession recently!

Sartorial signature?

I kind of dress like a 12 year old boy. And on some days a 60 year old man. But I would say my go to signature is black shoes to keep me feelin goth AF đź’€

Secret skill?

Why go to a hair salon when you can go to me?! I'm free of charge. I'll cut ya bangs! I cut all my friends hair :-)

Latest discovery?

This discovery rolls around every year around November/December and that's Christmas music! I created a bomb Xmas playlist the other day. Let's just say, If you haven't heard Lady Gaga's "Christmas Tree" you need to do so RIGHT NOW. 

What does being a doofykook mean to you? 

Being a doofykook to me means the complete freedom of expression. Dye your hair! Cut it all off! Stand out. Do what makes you happy. Being a little kooky can brighten your day alone.

T.V. show character you want to be BFFs with and why? 

I want to be a Gilmore Girl! I would do anything to be best friends with Loralie and Rory, they seem like such down to earth gals.

Who are your idols/inspirations? 

The holy trinity inspires me. And when I say holy trinity I mean Nicki, BeyoncĂ©, and Rihanna. 

Quote or phrase you live by? 

"If the loch ness monster is ever proven to be real i’m throwing a huge party and im gonna get messED UP." 

Words of advice to people your age? 

Self love is the key to success. It can be hard. I'm not always succeeding the goal myself, but it really helps if you tell yourself you're worth it at least once a day. Wake up with a smile. 

You are one of the founders of the Webster Groves Feminist Coalition- can you talk about what made you want to start that club, as well as your thoughts on feminism? 

My friends and I love each other endlessly. We wanted to create a safe place for people to create bonds with other activists in our school. Being an activist/feminist in our community is SO important and you can find some incredible people in our coalition. My thoughts on feminism are extremely positive. Feminism changed my lifestyle. Through feminism I became a much more positive person and I can confirm that I am MUCH happier since I discovered it. 

Talk about something else you think is important?

Please, hug a dog. 

Anything else you'd like to talk about or add? 

Hug another dog. 

Thanks for answering Gianna! Stay DOOFY, and look for more posts on the blog coming sooooon :) 


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