Thursday, December 10, 2015

Silent Film

Hello, this weekend my friends and I (Me/Molly, Kendra, Danielle, and Chloe) created a silent film. Like most silent films, an instrumental piece played in the background. Our song was "The Winner is..." From Little Miss Sunshine. The plot was a little rough in the beginning with no major ideas, but the cold wind pressed our ideas to the surface. We started with the idea of a couple (genders not specified although we're all girls) who was going to be separated by Danielle. However, as we continued and found a role for myself we came to a thought of a futuristic plot of no genders at all. While viewing our film it is up to you to decide the relationships between characters. Whether it is an example of friendships or something more is up to the viewer. Our goal was to show relationships and how ever-changing they are. You can watch the video above, or follow the link above for a larger, more clear version of the video. Also, check out some of my favorite stills bellow. Enjoy! 

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