Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Tunes

Here it is, the December playlist! This month's array of songs came together and was very obviously more chill than any other playlist of ours. Maybe it's the time of year and the weather, maybe it's just us, but here's what we've been listening to lately. Chill to the max. We start it off with the absolute obsession of this month: So High by Doja Cat. It's so smooth, so intriguing, so GOOD! We have a lot of relaxing, slower tunes, from artists like Elliot Moss, Lykke Li, The Chapin Sisters, Banks, Ryan Adams, Whilk and Misky, and Sofi de la Torre. Obviously, a majority of our songs are slower. Another new favorite is the sexy sounds of Niykee Heaton in Bad Intentions. Definitely playing on repeat. We're also in love with Melanie Martinez's Mr. Potato Head. The lyrics are very thought provoking, and so relevant to the standards women are held to in today's society. It makes you think, and sounds beautiful at the same time. Perfection. There's some throwbacks from The Lovin' Spoonful, The Cranberries, Bob Dylan, The Doors, and Baby Bash too, among others we are loving right now. So chill out, turn this playlist on, and let it carry you away. Winter break will be here soon enough! 

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