Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Museum of Contemporary Art

Just a few days ago, when trying to think of a cool new place to take some pictures and have some fun, I found myself thinking back to high school...I was brought back to a field trip I took, maybe sophomore year. We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, among other places, and I remembered it to be the coolest place ever. It still is. Molly, Sam and I explored the museum together and took in all of the incredible pieces it offered. Modern art is my favorite because I love how much you can interact with the pieces in an especially emotional way. Instead of a literal representation of something, modern art a lot of times seems to be more of an emotional expression. It's as if the artists' soul becomes the art. We found ourselves enamored with each section of the museum, taking it all in, and finding some nice places to take pictures too. Definitely a must-see in Saint Louis. 

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