Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Photography by Molly, Maggie, and Kelly Nash 

Here we are, finally getting around to posting some vacation photos. It's been weeks since we packed up our car and headed north to Door County, Wisconsin, but these pictures take us back. The air up there was so clear, and the nature surrounding us just seemed to much more saturated in color, so much more alive. Towards the end of our trip, we came upon this magical place hidden behind a thick forest that only our adventurous souls were dying to explore. Where the water met the earth, became the most beautiful coves and crevices we could ever find. There was no one around, nothing but the waves hitting the shoreline. Our time was short too, as we watched the sun fade from a brightly lit orb, to a watercolor painting across the sky. There was no better way to end our vacation than us three, together, in the most perfectly imperfect place ever. Our hideaway. 


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