Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NYFW Fall Ready-To-Wear 2016

Once again, we give you our New York Fashion Week highlights. This time, it's Fall Ready-To-Wear and there was A LOT to love. The amount of shows that occur each season really does get overwhelming, and while we once tried to keep up with it all, we have started to just pay attention to the designers we love and keep coming back to. So here, we give you our top five shows from this fashion week. We really do love some funk and over the top everything. Enjoy!! 


Year by year, this is becoming our favorite brand ever. It is absolutely irresistible. Outrageous yet fierce, prints so wild, a mix of men and women... it doesn't get any better. Not only are the clothes impeccable, but the actual runway show is so entertaining to watch. This year, the theme was a protest, and the models came parading out at the finale, protest signs in hand, 'feel the bern' and other slogans written all over, models carrying each other on their backs and running around... it is so thrilling, and so refreshing in the realm of oh-so-serious fashion shows this week. We cannot get enough. Definitely the number one highlight this season. 

Jeremy Scott 

Duuuude. What a show. This was the epitome of fashion week for us. I mean, the bright colors, eighties influence, roller disco meets rocker chic attitude, and boldness of it all is inspiring. We want to BE that girl, we want to know that guy. Never has cow print and fishnets looked so good. Jeremy Scott never fails to wow the audience with his retro vibes, and coolness factor. Between Libertine and  Jeremy Scott, fashion was definitely not taken too seriously this year. And of course, we've got our girl Karlie Kloss opening the show...that's a winner. gg  

Mara Hoffman

 Mara Hoffman has always been a favorite of ours since attending her show back in 2012, and again in 2013. The coolest part of her work is how each season she mimics different muses in her life through the clothes she designs. Last season it was Willie Nelson, and this season it was more Grace Jones, Jerry Hall, and Cher. She took her looks and made them less be achy and more eclectic dinner party, much moodier. And it works. The bold prints and over the top proportions are KILLER. We will always be in love with Mara's looks. 

Creatures of Comfort

Dust rose and acid yellow are an unexpected but incredible mix. Creatures of Comfort has always delivered, but this season's looks were way too good. The random hearts embroidered on tops and dresses, the denim on denim, the velvet!!! It is just all too good. It's the kind of stuff that could border on tacky and weird but hits the mark at the perfectly eccentric, just refined-enough kind of taste. We want it allll. 


Wow. There is so much going on here at Zimmerman, and we aren't mad about it. That pink though! Yes, the looks are borderline absurd, but they are perfectly styled, and leave us wondering..."could I pull that off??" There is something so intriguing and jazzy about the collection, making it one of our top favorites this season. Crazy is the new refined apparently. 

And lastly, here are a few more images from designers we loved this year...

Rosie Assoulin 


Vivienne Tam 

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for a lot more content, coming soon... 

All photos from http://www.vogue.com/?us_site=y

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