Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Playlist

It's finally May! The school year is nearly over, summer is in sight, and the doofs are lovin it more than ever. This also means a new playlist for a new month filled with all our favs :)) And we had to start with One Dance by Drake because it is killer and so is the rest of his latest album, which you should check out asap! We've got some other fun-loving songs like Dancing Queen, a classic, My Type by Saint Motel, and Double Bubble Trouble,by M.I.A., which make ya want to dance immediatly. Another insane album drop lately was Kanye West's, called The Life Of Pablo, so we had to include Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1, one of our favorites. There are some slower, sweeter tunes from Coldplay, Fismoll, Flume, Sales, and the Beatles of course. All of these, among some other new finds that we can't stop jammin to! So check it out and follow our Spotify: thedoofykooks to find playlists for literally ANY mood. Happy May!!!


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