Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The other day I was reading an interview, and the words, "our energy animates this reality" really stood out to me. It brought me back to one of my favorite quotes by Buddha, "The mind is everything; what you think you become." This quote is kind of a revolving door of quotes for me. The more I have thought about the quote, the more I have come to believe in its truth, and the more I've done that, the better I have been able to unify my mind with that which I want to become. It all connects. Just like when you are younger and your parents told you that you are what you eat, the thoughts you have correlate directly to who you end up being. In relation to the first quote, the person you become eventually emanates an energy into the world. Every choice you make, every word you speak, even the hidden emotions and soulful energy you don't know you put out there, really does animate this reality we happen to be in. There are many realities...everyone has their own really, and it's pretty amazing to think about the fact that all of our energies are kind of bouncing around each other, animating the realities around us. I've changed so much just in the past school year, and a lot of that has come from believing what Buddha said, and determining my own reality, forming the person I want to become. It's not easy, and I'm not sure it ever stops. We are constantly thinking new things, hopefully improving ourselves, and in general, a person's outlook on things will change as does everything. On top of that, it is so much easier to fight our thoughts, as it is usually simpler to take the easiest route and hinder our self-improvement in the process. That is something I work towards every day now...not taking the quickest route but instead taking my time to decide what will be best for me, and making healthier choices whether that involve food, sleep, working out, painting for hours, or buying a dress that I'll feel great in. We tend to get caught up in the tasks of our days, the needs of others, and past and future events, forgetting the most important thing: ourselves.

These are just some ramblings I wanted to share, especially for those of you that have hectic lives right now with school finishing up, and finals taking over everything. I encourage you to look past it all and focus on yourself for a minute, an hour, a day... a
nd in general, I hope to impress upon you the importance of your thoughts, and how your mindset and attitude really do create the person you become. Everything can change with a change in thought, which is insanely cool! So think good thoughts, take care of yourselves, set yourself on a path towards success and happiness, and remember your energy truly animates this reality. -Kelly 

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