Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Grove

Saint Louis is so cool because there are endless nooks and crannies to it. There are so many different parts that make the city up, each with their own vibe and atmosphere to it. One of our favorite things to do is explore the spots we haven't gone to a lot. The Grove is one of those places, and one that we've been hanging in more lately. It's home of the Ready Room, a great concert venue where we saw Bully and Best Coast not too long ago. There is a quaint record shop where we got to enjoy live music, and across the street is an amazing coffee shop called Rise Coffee. It is quirky and cool and the coffee is incredible. On top of it all, there is street art everywhere. A giant mural of a lion on one wall, and funky, psychedelic art on another. It is everywhere, which makes it easy to take cool pictures. We hope to get back there, on a day a bit less chilly, and explore this area further. Saint Louis, you never fail to amaze. 

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