Saturday, March 5, 2016

Summer Moments

It's always about this time of year that we start to long for the long summer days that are becoming closer and closer, yet seem to still be so far away. The cold starts to really get to us, and the winter has just started to get old. It's been a particularly bitter week, hitting a lovely -4 degrees in Ithaca, slush everywhere, wet socks in class... I'm over it for sure. So in attempt to change my mood, I made this post dedicated to summer. To wearing as little as possible, going to concerts every week, jumping off piers and diving into cold lake water, spending the days with family, and exploring the lesser seen parts of the city. These are the barefoot days of sticky sweat, and tangled hair, trying new food, and hiking cliffs that are supposed to be off limits. We are missing these wonderful moments and can't wait to make more. Summer, you can't come soon enough... for now we will just remember you through our photos until we can make some more... 

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