Sunday, August 2, 2015


It's never not fun to use the face as a canvas.  Acrylic paint and a hot summer sunday left us with no choice but to photoshoot-tribal paint the focal point of the shots. Beautiful exposed brick the background by an old candyshop on DeMun. But there was an alterior motive for going all this way for a brick wall.  A recently discovered cafe called Seedz was around the corner and I was dying to try. 
Next month, it will have been two years since switching to a no-meat diet, and almost a year of being a full-on vegan. Making this change in diet has been the best decision, a learning experience, and the key to a better lifestyle.  A common misconception about being vegan is that there's not a lot to eat, which I've discovered is quite the opposite.  In no way are you limited to vegetables like many seem to think.  Not only are there a vast quantity of foods to eat, there are also alternatives to basically everything you could eat on a non-vegan diet.  Anyways, although food isn't short, there are a limited amount of resteraunts that provide a mostly vegan or vegetarian menu in Saint Louis.  Yes, at most places you can get a salad or pasta and be content, but it's amazing when everything is catered to your dietary needs.  When I heard about Seedz Cafe, I was thrilled and has to try it immediatly, a.k.a conveniently doing a photoshoot around the block.  I was so impressed by this place.  The smoothie I got was fresh, organic, and fittingly named the 'Incredible Smoothie'.  I also loved the quinoa and black bean tofu dish I got, complemented with friendly service, and the most interestingly decorated enviroment.  Overall perfection, and somewhere I'll be again soon.  So check out Seedz Cafe off DeMun and enjoy these sweet snaps of my model best friends. 

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