Sunday, October 9, 2016

October Playlist

Although we are currently getting closer and closer everyday to Halloween, and our spooky Halloween Playlist has been getting more plays, we also have a lot of other favorites right now that have been playing on repeat. Some of these songs are thing we never thought we'd dare I say it... COUNTRY music. Wow. We also have some songs that will make you dance like Yoga, Motivation, Bailar and Fade. There are some sweet and simple songs like Coming Up Roses, At Your Door, Municipality, and I Won't Love You Any Less. And there are just some feel good, go on a drive kind of songs from Lorde, the Chainsmokers, and Quinn XCI. There's a lot of variety this month. October is always a transitional month with lot's of stuff going on. Hope you doofykooks are taking all of this fall beauty in. More to come on the blog soon, we promise! 

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