Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What We're Into

As much as we wish we could say our blog is based purely on original ideas and content, there's no way we would have created our site without lots of inspiration from others. As you know we are extremely inspired by music, by each other, and by nature, but you may not know of our other sources of inspiration. So here's our little guide to what makes us tick, the people and the sites that we check compulsively...our modern day muses.

The Man Repeller 

Instagram: @manrepeller

In 2010, Leandra Medine started the blog man repeller as a hobby when the idea struck her during a shopping trip at Topshop. ManRepeller, a humorous site for serious fashion, not only showcases wild and outrages garments, but presents a wide variety of articles on popular culture, the fashion world, dating, food trends, and anything imaginable. There is something for everyone, yet the original idea stays constant, with feminism trailing throughout. What is a man repeller you might ask? "She who outfits herself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pantsboyfriend jeansoverallsshoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs." And we doofykooks are all for it. 
Check out the blog, updated daily, for a refreshing take on life, and also take a look at Medine's book 'Seeking Love, Finding Overalls' !! It's fantastic. 

Petra & Anna Collins 

Instagram: @annaballins @petrafcollins  

Petra and Anna Collins are a sister duo from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Petra gained her following and success through photography, which is sometimes controversial, often having to do with feminism, the female form, and sexual references. Her younger sister, Anna is studying to be a dance teacher, but has created a youtube channel called 'Ask Anna' where she takes questions from teenagers and answers them based on her experiences... (she even answered one of ours!!) Between the two of them, they have been beyond inspirational to us. Just their overall aesthetic, a dreamy, pink world focused on feminism is oh-so pleasing, but their art, whether dance, photography, or film, always makes us think and is completely beautiful. Check out their social media sites, websites, and Petra's intriguing new book 'Babe'!!! 

The Free People Blog 

Instagram: +Free People 

I've been reading the Free People Blog every single day for about 7 years now, and I don't think that will ever change. We have always loved the Free People brand and their overall aesthetic, and their blog makes us love them even more. They showcase their clothes, editorial shoots, and behind the scenes action all the time which is great. But on top of that, they also include lots of recipes, especially for restricted diets (which is amazingggg), as well as book club posts, horoscopes, travel ideas and tips, music recommendations, workout regimens, DIY projects and soooo much more. It has everything, and it's the perfect daily read for a bit of inspiration.  

 The Suarez Sisters 

Instagram: @natalieoffduty & @dylanasuarez 

These two are the girls we want to be!! We discovered them a few years ago through their blogs and now follow them in everything that they do. Natalie is a model and Dylana is a photographer, but they are also both creative consultants, musicians, bloggers, designers, and stylists. They are sisters and the BEST of friends which we can really relate to! They work together on every project, and always have something new to show the world. Their creativity and fabulous style are an inspiration to us, and we hope to make our blog as beautiful and unique as that of theirs. 

Bridgette Muller 

Instagram: @hummusbirrrrrrrd 

We have featured Bridgette on the blog before as one of our doof of the weeks, but we had to include her, because she is another huge inspiration to us! She is actually friends with the Suarez sisters because of their collaborative work with Free People. All of our muses are kind of connected! She is just so real, so humorous, and so creative. She is truly free and definitely one of a kind. Her blog showcases a lot of her photography and photoshop edits, and she includes even more of her work on Instagram. Plus, following her on Snapchat makes every day a bit funnier. From her incredible photography, to her blogging with Free People, to the DIY home goods she is constantly making, Bridgette is one to watch, a true muse through and through. 

Beth Hoeckel 

Instagram: @bethhoeckel 

Beth Hoeckel is an incredible multidisciplinary artist that we discovered just this year and fell in love with. She mostly creates collage and mixed media work, which you can buy at Society6! Each piece is so unique, out there, and mystifying. This is the kind of oddly amazing stuff we want all over our rooms. She has also done a lot of work in the design for Rookie, which is another one of our muses, which we'll talk about soon. She is the kind of artist we aspire to be like, one who creates simple but thought-provoking and beautiful pieces of art. We just can't get enough.  

Tavi Gevinson & Rookie

Instagram: @rookiemag & @tavitulle 

Okay. Rookie. Tavi Gevinson. These might be our biggest muses yet. We've been obsessed with Tavi for years now, following her through her progressive career as a blogger, fashionista, online magazine creator, book maker and editor, actress, and broadway star. What hasn't she done? Tavi is an incredible human being, who has inspired us so much, especially in the realm of feminism and self-love. Her writing and fashion choices defy social norms in the best way possible, and her voice is one of the most compelling and resonating out there, especially because she is a young woman herself, one who is going through the same kind of life changes and choices that a lot of us are. A few years ago, she started Rookie Mag, and online magazine for teenage girls. It is written by a wide range of ages, some teens, some older adults, but all about the kinds of thoughts, problems, changes, questions, and lifestyles that teenagers are going through. Each month pertains to a different theme, and the content is updated three times daily to fit the average teen's life: one post before school, one post after school, and one after dinner. The topics vary, from playlists, sexual and gender related posts, 'Ask a Grown Man' segments, photography, fashion DIYs, etc. There is nothing more inspiring or comforting than Rookie. Even better, for the past four years, Tavi has turned the magazine into a real-life publication, making it into a four year yearbook, taking the best pieces from each year, and turning them into large books in yearbook form. It is just too perfect... We have the whole collection, and each is simply a work of art. Whether you're a teen or a senior, a boy or girl, you MUST check out Rookie, because the concepts can pertain to anyone, and the inspiration is endless. 

So there are some of our biggest muses today. The list goes on, and it will always vary, but there are some outrageously amazing people out there who we want to celebrate, who we can thank for some of our own creative pursuits. We hope you enjoyed, and found some inspiration yourself. Love, the Doofykooks :) 

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