Friday, July 24, 2015


So we haven't posted on the blog in a while, but we have so much content to share now and will keep it coming more frequently, promise!
A few weeks ago was the fourth of July, possibly the best weekend of the entire year in my opinion.  Usually days filled with festive outfits, good food, late nights, and dazzling fireworks.  Im Webster Groves, blocks are packed with everyone you know watching the parade, and then house hopping from party to party. Loud music and laughter complementing it all.  This is what makes it the best time of the year.  This year however, was a bit different.  In fact, I was  entirely removed from any sort of Webster fourth of July festivities.  Instead of the norm, I last- minute drove about an hour and a half away to my friend, and fellow doofy kook', Kelly's farm.  We're talking no wifi, starry sky, dirt road kind of fun.  Completely escaping tradition.  We did it up good, had a giant bonfire, road around on four-wheelers, slept in enos high up in the trees of a forest, and of course, did a major photoshoot.  We kept it simple, patriotic colors, nothing crazy, and let the light and the beautiful scenery complement and make the photos. I hope you enjoy.  More updates to come :)

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